Thursday, May 7, 2009

What a bad afternoon for Lyssa…

Last Tuesday Hubby decided to take a day leave instead of half day for some reason. Since Lyssa and JBoy knew it they refused to go to the Nursery after school, they want to be with their Daddy at home. So, Hubby brought them to Tanaki home and at around 5pm, I’d received a call from Hubby (he sounds like an emergency) saying that Lyssa fell down while playing with JBoy and hit her shoulder badly and some scratches on her face and ear… to my surprise, I'd asked him with anger “how could it happened, you were there looking after them” He told me, it happened split second, while Lyssa and JBoy playing around the house, running here and there, suddenly when JBoy gets really excited he hardly push Lyssa from the back where Lyssa fell down and knocked her shoulder on the wooden flower stand and get scratches on he face and ear… oh no! I just couldn’t wait to see Lyssa that evening, wondering how bad it was…. and the moment I saw her, she was crying and said ‘painful’ and yes it look very painful! pity her, just look at this… what a bad afternoon *sigh*

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