Thursday, January 29, 2009

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Not much feedback about the gathering so far, but it’s still too early anyway…*wink* Hmmm... last week I’d handled a site inspection at @mosphere Revolving Restaurant & Bar! with an International Company, as they’re looking for a nice place and nice food for their group dinner function. After the site inspection, I’d offered them to have a Canapes served with Coffee or Tea, well, would be happy to offer them lunch but they’re rushing to another destination that day. However, the organizers and the 3 participants enjoyed the Canapes and saying that they’ve chosen the right place for their group dinner function of 65pax. Therefore, I'd an idea why not for our 1st time Penampang Bloggers Gathering go for Canapes at @mosphere (I'm not trying to promote @mosphere but I think it's a suitable place), where we can have our afternoon talks, chit-chatting and I’m sure it’s enough time to do our digging who’s behind the bloggers right *wink*? Also from there we can share some ideas perhaps how to go about the next gathering…*grin* Alright, the Canapes is something like…


Salmon Teriyaki Kebab

Chicken Boxing

Batter Fish With Garlic and Mayonnaise


Mushroom Stuff – Cheese

Tomato Basil And Parmesan On Tottilla

Assorted Cakes

Coffee Or Tea

What do you think? Let me know your comments and your ideas are always welcome…

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


At late evening yesterday, we’re talking about fireworks at midnight for the CNY countdown… my niece, nephew, cousins and my kids are excited waiting anxiously to see those splashing in the sky (just looking from the house compound ya…*grin*). Too bad that around 11pm my kids look so sleepy but refused to go to bed…*sigh* they rather stays seated at the sofa. However, 10 minutes to midnight, fireworks started bang here bang there... and they stayed wide awake and run outside the house compound and enjoyed the fireworks... see what I got here, the budak kampung in action…

Oppss!!! Hubby also join the kiddies club huh...

Aikss... the black color shirt over there also look familiar... hehe

Lyssa is trying to get a nice shot of fireworks...

and here it goes, not bad huh...

Monday, January 26, 2009

“I Want My Face…”

JBoy has requested for power rangers birthday cake few months ago since Lyssa 5th birthday in August last year. Well, just before I place my order with Anies, JBoy changed his mind 5 days before his birthday, he said “Mummy I want my face on my birthday cake”… oppsss!!! what a special request eh… I was thinking if Anies can do it? At the same time I remembered my friend Sharon ever mentioned that her sister’s engagement cake was their face on it. Then I called her to find out the info and got the answers, checked with Anies as well if she can do the special request cake but too bad she’s unable to do it so far (but soon or later buli bah tu kan Nies…*wink*). Here it goes…

I ended up ordered a Chocolate Indulgence Cake from Secret Recipe…yummy!

We’d celebrated a double birthdays for JBoy & Hubby on 24th January 2009, Saturday with Afternoon Tea among family members, as usual just a simple celebration.

Once again... Happy Birthday to Hubby & JBoy!
May God Bless...

Friday, January 23, 2009

73% Libra...

Wow! I'm 73% Libra eh...

How Libra Are You?

I'm Attract an Aquarius...

When wacky, eccentric, independent Aquarius meet you, they've met their match.
You're just as unique and outspoken as any Aquarius, and as a result, they feel instantly connected to you. And while you know you and your Aquarius are meant to be, you always allow for space in your relationship. The last thing your Aquarius wants is to feel fenced in. You know that in this case, absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

Hmmm... seems true, my hubby is an Aquarius *wink*

What Sign Do Your Attract?

Treasure Each Day...

Think about how many hours we spend at work. For most people, work accounts for almost half of their waking hours. If you do not enjoy what you do, you will be unhappy for 50% of each and every day.

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BUT, if you enjoy your work, you'll look forward to each and every day as another opportunity to add fulfillment in your life.

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Set goals for yourself to obtain work in a field you would enjoy if you are in a job you don't enjoy. Treasure each day because when it's gone, you can never get it back.

- By Byron Pulsifer -


Wishing everyone a prosperous Chinese New Year!
May this lunar year of the OX will bring
lots of luck, good health and happiness!


Saturday, January 17, 2009


I hope it wasn’t too late to report about this… Right, I’d a little chanced chatting with Dora in FB just before Christmas last year… (wow! I’m impress with our networking, we can meet everywhere eh…*wink*) Anyway, we’ve mentioned about gathering… why not right. Dora was mentioning that she would like to personally meet up with all the Penampang (Kadazan) Bloggers and so do I, it’s good to get to know everyone more closer and who knows we’re all related to each other right, that’s for us to find out *wink*. Infact, I’m not good in doing preparation or arrangement for any event or function but I will try, perhaps I need someone to help as well *wink* Therefore, before I proceed, I need some suggestion… what say you Penampang Bloggers out there…?? Meantime, I could only think of below;-

Date: May 2009 (Dora, please confirm your arrival date kio…)
Venue: ??? (Please suggest)
Event: Bloggers Gathering (or any suggestion)
Theme: ?? (Incase)
No. of Pax: ?? (The more the better)
Menu: Lunch, Afternoon Tea or Dinner???
Budget: RM?? (We’ll see majority)
Performance: ?? (We’ll see majority)
Lucky Draw: ?? (We’ll see majority)
Exchange Gift: ?? (We’ll see majority)

Let’s make it happen! appreciate your suggestion please…

Thursday, January 8, 2009

MAS Cabin Crew…

Last 2 weeks my sis tried her luck with MAS Cabin Crew interview, held in Magellan Sutera Hotel. She’d gone through a few steps in the interview. She told us how it was;-

Day 1
*Height (requirement must reach 157cm) – passed, she’s 157.5cm *lucky her*
*Interview / Education background – passed, she’s ok with the conversation and the Education background.
*Skin (no tattoo or scars) – passed, her skin is just ok *hahaaa…**Grooming (postures, gestures and the way you walk) – passed, even criticized on her natural make up and hair (macam orang pigi pasar) *wahahaaa…*
Conclusion: She’s selected to a 2nd interview the next day (it was Sunday ok!!!) and were asked to dress up on executive office wear with nice hairdo (nice sanggul) and nice make up. The question is… who will do the nice sanggul? will the saloon open as early as 7am? as she have to be at the venue by 8.30am… I’d called my two saloon friends unfortunately they can’t open their saloon that early. So, I said to my sister, hey! I was popular with sanggul experts when comes to kampung harvest festival during my very young age, guess I was between 15 – 18. But my sis just not confident with my sanggul expertise, hahahaaa…. Anyway, take it of leave it… no choice mah kan.... buli lah bah sanggul kampung2, wakakaaa… ZZzzz…

Day 2
6.30am started with the sanggul progress… taaaadaaaaa!!! (alamak lupa ambil gambar pula, you know lah lama tidak ber-blog bah). Ok, done! for about 45 minutes after 3 times changed of style… and wow! to my surprise I still can do sanggul bah, or it was a fluked *wink* it’s really look like the MAS Cabin Crew sanggul… yes! (nah, bell don’t underestimate your sis ability kama oh…hahaaa). Then continue with the make up. Ok, done with all that, then sent the “Princess” to Magellan Sutera Hotel…:D

Teng Teng Tenggggggg… My sis told us that it was very hard tasks, she’s almost left that session though. The interview was about, interaction among the candidates, lots of Q & A in a group (it would be very embarrassing if you can’t answers those questions as they’ll be some criticism… how’s that?). According to my sis, every step of the interview they’ll be elimination, phew! just like an Americas next top model…*duhh* So, whoever eliminated their face will turn sour and became so so so ugly…oh no!... pitty huh! Anyway, my sis managed to the final of the interview (not sure if she’ll get it or she have to forget to become a cabin crew, coz my Mom wouldn’t agree anyway, shhh…*grin*). The MAS will only notify those successful candidates through phone or email but so far no news yet #$&^%#@???.....

Frog Nap…

I feel funny with Lyssa's frog nap… hehe *wink*
Just for you to smile… have a great evening!


Everyone talking about children to school since Monday and I know it’s a hot topic to all Mom’s blogger…*wink* And here’s my turn to share a little bit about my kids too (tida mau ketinggalan ni…hehe *wink*) since they started their 1st day to school yesterday. Well, since Lyssa started at St Francis Konven Kindergarten with playschool then 1st year Kindy and this year is her 2nd year Kindy (final year lah konon…), she’s just steady and cool, but very unlikely to her little brother JBoy, he was so enthusiastic that morning but turned to a pathetic face when he realized that he’s not in the same class with Lyssa (even brief him about it earlier). He started to cry and doesn’t want to be in his Ant class…it’s so unexpected though! Looking through our 1st experienced with Lyssa during her playschool 2 years ago, it’s better just to leave them with the Teacher otherwise “rains will never stop…hehe” Too bad, to take leave yesterday doesn’t permit me, therefore I managed to get my sis Abell to look after them at the school. Hmmm… feel uncomfortable though, the moment I reached my office I called Abell and guess what she told me??? “Kak, susah betul si JBoy ohhh, dia brabis nangis! and begging me to bring him out from the class. Cikgu pun can’t really get to pulled him sebab dia talampau ‘galangas’, the teacher advised me to get off from the class and wait outside the School” So, 10am bell rang (time to go home), Abell went in again and get them from the class, but while Abell’s approaching JBoy’s class, JBoy looks very wormy, he just can’t wait to get out from their line, he was escaped and ran towards his Aunty with his big smile then to Lyssa class. And here’s their happy face after class… I hope their smile will stay like this everyday sending them to school… easy life huh!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Online Assignments…

It’s been a long time I didn’t get any assignments from PPP, Smorty, Sponsored Reviews, Social Sparks, Buy Blog Reviews and etc. It’s due to my page rank doesn’t allowed I guess…too bad *sigh*. Anyway, I’m looking forward to have my own domain soon (hopefully dream come true in my year of OX… oppssss!!! lets my finger cross *grin*), so that it will helps me to get more online assignments this year for extra $$$. Who doesn’t want extra $$$ right!!! It’s children school time some more… means need more $$$!!! I need online assignments pleeeeaaassseeee…

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It’s Time To Change…

I have this thought to change my blog template since last year before Christmas but I just couldn’t make it due to I couldn’t find nice template *sigh*. Finally, I made up my mind with this one, but still looking for better one… Actually, I’ve a few options but just a bit confused which to choose. By the way, could anyone share your ideas to which website shall I look for more and more options? Oh well, you may notice that I lost my friends list and worst thing is I can’t recall your URL, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to take you out from my list but it’s my mistake with this changes I guess. So, please leave me any comments to any of my new post so that I can add you back in my list. Thank you so much and catch up with you all soon… *wink*

Could It Be Our Last Visit To 1B?

Does anyone heard about what’d happened to 1Borneo recently? I’m not sure whether it’s true or not but some friends telling us that the building is unsafe… oppsss!! How come? What’s gone wrong? Why it happened? However, I wouldn’t believe until I get to see by myself. 1B is my kids favourite place to have fun, nothing else but the ‘Boo Boo Land’… sounds familiar huh…

Anyway, my friend was at 1B just before Christmas, what happened was, while walking around the mall suddenly they sees some tiles cracking until it got lifted up by itself, it’s really happened in front of their eyes… sounds scary huh! They were shocked and thinking that the building might collapse anytime, therefore, they went off immediately that day (spoilt their shopping mood) and promise not to go to 1B for the time being... Hmmm…could it be our last visit to 1B on last Nov? Need to find out more about it… as looking through the buildings collapse in Peninsular Malaysia which was in the hot news recently, therefore, we have to be very sensitive to the environment to prevent any unexpected…

So Relax…

One Sunday after get tired the whole day playing around the house, running here and there… see what’d happened to this restless boy… he was laid down on the mattress with his relaxing mood while watching his favourite cartoon, Mr. Bean. His siblings and the cousins tried to interrupt him with his position by calling his name and talking to him but never get distracts and never bother to listen… he’s just so comfortable with his position… aren’t he look so relax…?*wink* (my Mom said “macam orang tua yang jauh fikiran”…haha)

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Parties!

Just a short brief about the @mosphere Revolving Restaurant and Bar on the parties:-

Christmas Eve’s Dinner - was very good response from our local and foreign customers, quite a numbers of tickets purchased in advanced, walked-in customers wasn’t too bad. The Restaurant is almost full. Our special thanks to all attendees and appreciate all the comments.
New Year’s Eve Dinner / Countdown Party - Tickets purchased in advance for attending the dinner not so encouraging due to mostly family members prefer to stay with their family at home and having BBQ, party and so on. But surprisingly we’ve a very good response to walked-in customers to the countdown party! Oh well, I was on duty that night at the @mos counter (welcoming the guess *duhh!!!*… and it’s my first time wasn’t being with my family on New Years Eve!!! *sigh*…pity my kids especially, but they do understand that Mummy had to work. My sis, cousin and their friends are at the party as well, wow!!! everybody are really enjoyed the performance by JIAJA and so do us, it seems that I’m back to my young age though (clubbing time huh… haha). Guess what? we only got home at 4.30am… and continue BBQ and karaoke at my uncles place… such a fun New Year eh!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

I’m Very Thankful…

JBoy has a special baptism by Fr. Fundes on 25th March 2005 (Friday), it falls on Good Friday. Fr. Fundes supposed to be very busy for the Good Friday preparation. Anyway, I still remember when we went to Stella Marris Church on 24th March 2005 (Thursday), Fr. Fundes is about to leave as we can see him from the entrance gate as we entered the church compound. We immediately get down from the car and straight away approached him, my MIL talk to him of what we need him to help us (My MIL told him that his grandson need to undergo an operation and need to be baptise before). Fr. Fundes was paused awhile and says… ok, tomorrow lah at 10am, without realizing my tears drop for happiness and I was so touched that he accepted the special baptism for JBoy the next day, it’s on Good Friday! I’m very thankful to Fr. Fundes and never forget the special moment even we arrived a little bit late for the baptism (about 5 minutes) due to our car problem, but yes, everything goes well. Once again our gratitude appreciation especially to Fr. Fundes, JBoy’s Godfather Mr Mrcel Abah & our Family Members for their presents and witness the baptism. God Bless!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

1st & 2nd Operations…

One quiet day, I took a chanced browsing all the kid pictures taken between 2003 - 2008 just to find some ideas for my neglected blog… I will say *sigh*, and saw JBoy 1st operation picture which reminds me of our scary moment… he was only 9 weeks and still very small, doesn’t know anything, all he know is cries when thirsty… that’s all. Anyway, JBoy has pro-longed jaundiced history. In medical terms normal jaundice will fade away at least within 3 weeks of baby’s age and if more than that the baby might suspected to have liver problem and so on. However, according to my grandma (orang dulu-dulu katakan), it’s just normal but we the parents of course become so worry of anything unexpected. We’d tried all the 'kampung’ methods and anything even weird but it doesn’t work at all. JBoy’s skin and eyes still look yellowish, we became tremendously worries, we therefore, brought JBoy to one of the specialist Dr in Damai to get check, and to our surprise after the examination and scanning, the Dr mentioned that JBoy’s liver got swollen… (what do you think we think that time??? ohhhh... only GOD knows). To us JBoy is just look normal, nothing that abnormal. However, the Dr has monitored JBoy for 2 weeks, that’s included taking his blood (more than 5 times jab a day), check his urine, stool and all that. Just imagine how much we spent per visit… it’s more than RM300, the highest was RM500+ per visit. With that amount of course in return we expect at least some improvement with JBoy, we wouldn’t bother about $$$ even we don’t have much that time, but since we’ve engaged with the process as advised by the Dr that we have to go on with it. All we want is JBoy gets treated well and back to normal. I just can’t believe it!!!, after all we’d gone through, nothing has changed, no improvement at all, JBoy’s blood test results seems the same (just a little changes, like 1 or 2 points). Until the Dr had done her part and decided to handover the case to Liver Specialist. The Dr suggested us to choose either to SG or KL but she recommended us a very good specialist Dr, that is in SG but looking through our financial situation that time, we just can’t afford SG money. To make it short… we really got piss off as we’d given 100% trust to the Dr, but in the end no improvement!. We were thinking the Dr should have advise us at least the 3rd reviews, what and how exactly is was, but she lead us till to the last minute (I mean, in Medical terms for prolonged jaundice, the baby should be operated at the age of 8 weeks and that time JBoy was exactly that age, how do you think we could decide an operation on the very last minute? It’s not easy man!). What I’m trying to say is, at least the Dr gave us an option to be referred to Liver Specialist at least the 7th weeks of JBoy’s age and at least another Dr could monitor JBoy before undergo an operation, who knows other Dr might have another plan that could skip an operation. However, we decided just to refer us to QEH. Hence, the Dr in Damai wrote a letter to QEH Surgeon (Pediatrics Surgical Specialist).

Nothing much we could do but we leave it all to GOD… then the next day we brought JBoy to QEH Pediatrics Surgeon and guess what? Our first impression was a little released though… the doctors and nurses are all calm, friendly and they never show’s that JBoy has a complicated case (compared to the Dr in Damai, impression’s was far different *sigh*), the QEH team said to me “Mama don’t worry, everything going to be alright” As to my big question, I’d asked the Surgeon to check JBoy’s liver is it really swollen? as per the Dr in Damai… guess what? The QEH Surgeon said “it’s normal and it’s a good sign that your baby stools (dark yellow) doesn’t seems to be a big problem, but we still need proceed with the operation” and ohhhh…. I’m became weak again when mentioning about an operation…aaarrrggghhh!!! Then JBoy was given an appointment for admission 3 days after and that is on 28th March 2005 (Monday) and operation on 30th March 2005 (Wednesday).

We was thinking that JBoy need to be baptise before the operation, but would the church accept the baptism? All churches are busy with GOOD FRIDAY preparation that time and day after are Saturday and Sunday???.... However, we just tried our luck to Stella Maris… and stay tune, will write about it in my next post… check it out!

Thanks GOD! that JBoy’s operation went all well. Thought that’s the only operation but again JBoy had undergone the 2nd operation on last November 2008 for another minor problem as posted earlier in one of my November 2008 posts and it went all well too! GOD IS GREAT!!!
Look at these… reminds us our scary moments…