Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We Have Moved…

…to Kg. Nosoob since last month (5th Oct), just to fulfilled my kids requests, especially Lyssa and JBoy to stay with their grandparents as well as their cousins. It’s all began with our daily journey as every evening we never failed dropping by my parents house after fetch them from the nursery. Only when everything are done (such as:- dinner, watching their favorite cartoons, do my washing, clean themselves and etc.), then only we go back to Tanaki home and by the time we reaches home my kids tinggal mau tidur lagi... *grin* Infact, we gets annoyed and feels irritated that most of the time when we wanted to go back to Tanaki home, my kids will give us hard time as they will cries and cries for they doesn’t want to go home, they wanted to stay with my parents and this was happened quite awhile (like 2 years…*sigh*). Until one day my grandmother says to me, “I pity your kids, I can see that they really wants to stay here in Nosoob, why not you all just move here for the time being who knows it might a hint for something and at the same time it helps your burden carry things here and there” (well, knowing that we need to carry a few kids stuffs daily…*sigh*)... biasalah kan kalo orang tua-tua kasih nasihat itulah... inilah... dan bla... bla... bla…:-D. However, after hubby and I think about it, at last we decided to moved to Nosoob and my kids are really happy with it… you knowlah banyak kawan, tu yang dorang suka tu... and there we go, life must goes on… *wink*

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