Thursday, June 18, 2009

Poor Car...

Our poor car was “admitted at the hospital” since yesterday for a minor “operation”. Oh well, it was hit by a lorry pick-up 2 weeks ago where the front bonnet has a little dented that need to be repair. It might be very difficult for us without car especially to work and sending kids to school since we only have one car. Ohhh…we was told by the mechanic that it will takes approximately 10 - 12 days to get our car repair (with some additional problem need to be fix as well - one and for all…*sigh*). However, we’re lucky that the yellow Kancil is available for us for the time being, our thanks to Aunt LC that she’s ok with that (well, she has her new car anyway…). But ohhh… need to be very patient eh within these days as the yellow Kancil has NO AIRCOND, just imagine driving in the afternoon with the bright sun huh… phew!

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