Thursday, June 18, 2009


I don’t like surprise at all… Well, it happened when my sister did it to all of us yesterday. Well, she has finally completed her MAS training with everything goes well, she passed all her tests (even failed one of the subject, but passed after re-seated). And she has done her flying practical (even was shouted, scolded and all by her leading – well, I believe it’s part of the practical, so-called orientation). Anyway, it’s good for her, to build confidence bah...sabar saja lah kio bell. After done with all that, they’d been given 5 days off (17-21 June 2009), so, she mentioned earlier that she wanted to go back home during these days, but flight are fully booked (KUL – BKI) so, nothing she can do. I’d tried to help her with Air Asia booking but she said ‘no lah Kak, mahal bah’ so I said ‘oklah, it’s up to you. So I thought that’s it.

Hmmm… I can sense something is not right, so I called Abell around 4pm yesterday, asking where is she, she said, ‘nantilah you call me Kak, sa tengah cuci kain bah ni’ but I can hear clearly from the background it’s like in the shopping mall.

Anyway, around 7.30pm my aunties and I are about to leave the house for groceries shopping, where suddenly a white Myvi came by and stop near to our house, and I pretty recognized the driver and her companion, they’re Abell’s friend, Alisha and Michelle…. then Alisha came down and took a luggage from the bonnet and send to our house while saying ‘Rushell asked me to send this luggage’ then we said ‘apalah si Abell ni kasih susah ko saja’. Suddenly we heard a loud shout + laugh from the car and there you go, to our surprise Abell is back home!!! Everyone is happy especially my kids, my niece and nephew to see Abell finally back for the 2nd short break… She’d shared a lot of stories about her experienced which is very good and I can see more improvement in her in-terms of grooming, dressing, manners and all. Wish you always the very best bell!

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