Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bad Day...

This morning when we got back in to the car after drop Zachary’s down at the nursery, our car suddenly giving us problem, it just cannot start after a few try… we need to catch up time sending Alyssa and JBoy to school but it’s just cannot start at all! (we expected something to do with the battery or the alternator)... oh my! the time shows 7.45am already. I called Aunt LC for help…15 minutes later Aunt LC came, and it’s too late to send Alyssa and JBoy to school, therefore we just asked them to stay at the nursery, luckily our car broke down just around their nursery compound (too bad they’re absence for the 1st time since school opening *sigh*). Then Aunt LC drove to her office and from there hubby took over her car (pinjam kereta dulu bah…hehe). After sending me to work, Hubby go straight away do what’s necessary with our problem car (lucky he was able to take half day emergency leave). Well, I called Hubby around 11.30am, just to check if he's able to fetch me for lunch and he said he’ll come at 12noon to fetch me. I asked him what was wrong with the car, he told me he need changed the battery… phew!

I thought problem solved and that's it, but… the second time!! our car broke down at JKR compound after sending the Virgin Coconut Oil order to my friend, and oh no! this time I really need to catch up time for afternoon meeting, I don’t think our car can start sooner at that time, therefore I get my friend Sharon to send me to work (tapi dekat saja bah, around Grace Square…thanks kio Sharon *wink*), and very sorry to Hubby that I have to leave him alone there (at that time 2 JKR staff has approached him to help anyway *grin*). Hubby ended up took 1 day emergency leave just to settle our car problems… what a bad day huh…*sigh*

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