Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Since I've no topic to post for the past few days, it came across my mind to get some post exchanged at Smorty. It was randomly selected the MOVIE REVIEW for me to post here in my blog for today.

Oh well, it's all about movies-review, most of it are Indian Movies... well, I used to love watching Hindi Movies during my very young always a happy ending story huh...;) Ok, meet a person who is a great fan of Hollywood and Indian movies. He'll make sure to catch up with the new releases. His blog contains synopsis and reviews of the new movies which he's personally seen. It gives everyone an overall picture whether movie is a worth watch. He cover both Hollywood and Indian Movies. Do check all the movie listings on his Movie Reviews blog. He would like everyone's to leave your blog url in chat box and he'll surely exchange links with you. Happy blogging!