Tuesday, March 24, 2009

MAS Cabin Crew... (Part 2)

...and finally my sister Abell was accepted as one of the MAS Cabin Crew. She left for KL on last Sunday with an early flight at 0720 hours for 3 months training (hopefully everything goes well in her training otherwise...?*&#@?) Wish you all the best kio Bell!.

Well, this is the first time that Abell stay apart from us, she must be very sad but we all at home has given her good advises before she left since this is her very first time job.

and guess what??.... this is her 'sms' the moment she reached at the MAS Academy... 'Kak, I want to go back home, I feel like crying now'... then I immediately called her, nothing else but to advise her this and that and she just couldn't talk as I know she's crying. Ohhh... knowing her, she's just not ready to stay apart from us especially my Mom (masih mau kena manja bah...hehe). But, we all know that soon or later she'll slowly could take it...(bila lagi mau belajar hidup berdikari kan...*grin*)

Good luck Bell and please take care of yourself kama...*hugs & kisses*


Gallivanter said...

Nice one!


Cay said...

Congrats to Abell ..take care and wish her the best in her training.

Carolyn said...

congrats to abell!
Soon she will get use to the environment..

Rozz_Lea Rozie said...

Hi Daniel... Nice but tough job eh..

Thanks Carol and Lyn... ya, hopefully she's ok with her training & exam and we hope she'll get use to the environment soon otherwise my Mom tambah susah hati pula...