Thursday, March 26, 2009

SBT (Skim Bantuan Tuisyen)

Last 2 weeks I represented my Mom to the Parents and Teachers meeting at my niece and nephew schools. During the meeting, I was brief by the Teacher all about school fees, computer fees and all, that are paid up to certain month and most of the payment was deducted from the ‘Bantuan PIBG’ which my niece and nephew are entitled to RM250 per person (wow! this is good though atleast it helps a little burden to my Mom…). At the same time, I was asked by the Teacher, how come they never attended the ‘SBT’ class since January 2009, which I wasn’t aware that they need to attend though… I was like blur, I don’t know what is ‘SBT’ at first (malunya). The Teacher said to me that the ‘SBT’ fees has also been paid and my niece and nephew rugi if they didn’t attend the class, its their own good juga, can improve their learning skills. So, I told the Teacher I’ll make sure they’ll attend the class and I need to find a solution for transportation as their school bus are unable to fetch them after 3pm. Their ‘SBT’ class is every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 3 – 4.15pm, and the best I can think of is they need to walk to the my kids nursery after class, less than 10 minutes walk (but we’re not comfortable with them walking alone without companion, looking through the unexpected incident nowadays). And guess what…? luckily one of my kids nursery assistant need to walk to the school to fetch her daughter therefore, my niece and nephew can follow them walk together to the nursery….. oh great! problem solved so far…*wink*

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