Wednesday, October 15, 2008

December or January – One Month…

I was asked by my SSM through SMS while I was on leave (looking after JBoy, monitoring his movement after his operation) last week. Asking me if it is possible for me to go to Sandakan for a month! Oh man! I was shocked (well, I’m in the middle worrying about JBoy that time) and asked her why I should have to be in Sandakan for a month? 2 or 3 days should be fine with me but not that long though…*sigh* She told me that for contingency plan, but still, one month takes very long days for me, thinking about leaving my kids especially. Oh no! it’s really hard for me to consider this time. I suppose to get back to my SSM on last Monday but I just cannot figure out my answer…*sigh* I know that definitely I couldn’t make it in December, it’s Christmas month!. January… also there’s an important date, on 24th, JBoy and Daddy’s birthday. Ohhh… I just couldn’t make up mind…*sigh*

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