Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mom Is Not Around Home…

…she’s in KL holidaying with Aunts and cousins. They only left yesterday with an evening flight and only be back on next Thursday. Well, Mom deserves to have a holiday since she never does before. Infact, she doesn’t really like to go for holiday especially by flight but Aunt Leviti managed to persuade her to go and bought her a ticket, all meals and accommodation are on my Aunt account… wow! isn’t that nice (kind of you Aunty Leviti). Anyway, Mom sounds so happy when calling home after touched down LCCT Airport. Sempat lagi my Mom reminds me what to do with my niece and nephew, such as to prepare their daily meals, their take away meal to school, to make sure they wash their school shoes, finish their homework and so on (aduiiii…don’t worry Mom, I know what to do… I know how my Mom feels leaving the house that long as she never does before...hehe). Oh man…! I’m now Momie to 6 children, my 3 kids, niece, nephew and my sister as well. Let me see how could I cope this task for a week…*grin* I hope my Mom will enjoy the trip so much and brought lots of goodies back home (that’s what my kids, niece and nephew hope for…hehe)

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