Monday, October 13, 2008


Have you heard about working in New Zealand for Kiwi or Apple orchards? It isn’t new to you right? Well yea, everybody out there keep talking about going to NZ to work and I heard it’s quite big money though. Even some people with a good job here also resigned and off to NZ… wow! I’m quite impress but it never come across my mine to work in other country so far. Until I personally heard from one of our Kampung people, he just came back from NZ last month. We used to call him by his Kampung name Mambra, he's been jobless for quite awhile and his family persuade him to work for Kiwi or Apple orchards in New Zealand and he got it though. By the way, he was posted in Kiwi orchard and was there for six months. He mentioned that it’s an easy job for people with a good stamina, energetic and fit. You will be asked to work in a group with different peoples from different countries. Wow! isn't that fun, I'm sure you'll never feel homesick. Very interesting pay, the range between from NZ$12 - 18 per hour (RM27 – 36). Just imagine his weekly pay is almost NZ$700… it’s really a big money for those who will be getting little here eh. He also mentioned that you might not getting much for the first month income as to cover up the first entries expenses (Passport, Airfare, Work Permit and First Month Expenses in NZ). However, the second month onwards, he never missed sending money to his wife, the lowest amount is NZ$1500 (R3k+). Mambra likes to work there and will be going back again in March 2009. I heard that some of the Kampung peoples will be joining Mambra to the next trip, even my father and uncles is also considering to go. Hmm... something to consider right *grin* nah… my hubby might consider it... See, how it goes.

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