Monday, January 5, 2009

The Parties!

Just a short brief about the @mosphere Revolving Restaurant and Bar on the parties:-

Christmas Eve’s Dinner - was very good response from our local and foreign customers, quite a numbers of tickets purchased in advanced, walked-in customers wasn’t too bad. The Restaurant is almost full. Our special thanks to all attendees and appreciate all the comments.
New Year’s Eve Dinner / Countdown Party - Tickets purchased in advance for attending the dinner not so encouraging due to mostly family members prefer to stay with their family at home and having BBQ, party and so on. But surprisingly we’ve a very good response to walked-in customers to the countdown party! Oh well, I was on duty that night at the @mos counter (welcoming the guess *duhh!!!*… and it’s my first time wasn’t being with my family on New Years Eve!!! *sigh*…pity my kids especially, but they do understand that Mummy had to work. My sis, cousin and their friends are at the party as well, wow!!! everybody are really enjoyed the performance by JIAJA and so do us, it seems that I’m back to my young age though (clubbing time huh… haha). Guess what? we only got home at 4.30am… and continue BBQ and karaoke at my uncles place… such a fun New Year eh!!!

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