Saturday, January 3, 2009

1st & 2nd Operations…

One quiet day, I took a chanced browsing all the kid pictures taken between 2003 - 2008 just to find some ideas for my neglected blog… I will say *sigh*, and saw JBoy 1st operation picture which reminds me of our scary moment… he was only 9 weeks and still very small, doesn’t know anything, all he know is cries when thirsty… that’s all. Anyway, JBoy has pro-longed jaundiced history. In medical terms normal jaundice will fade away at least within 3 weeks of baby’s age and if more than that the baby might suspected to have liver problem and so on. However, according to my grandma (orang dulu-dulu katakan), it’s just normal but we the parents of course become so worry of anything unexpected. We’d tried all the 'kampung’ methods and anything even weird but it doesn’t work at all. JBoy’s skin and eyes still look yellowish, we became tremendously worries, we therefore, brought JBoy to one of the specialist Dr in Damai to get check, and to our surprise after the examination and scanning, the Dr mentioned that JBoy’s liver got swollen… (what do you think we think that time??? ohhhh... only GOD knows). To us JBoy is just look normal, nothing that abnormal. However, the Dr has monitored JBoy for 2 weeks, that’s included taking his blood (more than 5 times jab a day), check his urine, stool and all that. Just imagine how much we spent per visit… it’s more than RM300, the highest was RM500+ per visit. With that amount of course in return we expect at least some improvement with JBoy, we wouldn’t bother about $$$ even we don’t have much that time, but since we’ve engaged with the process as advised by the Dr that we have to go on with it. All we want is JBoy gets treated well and back to normal. I just can’t believe it!!!, after all we’d gone through, nothing has changed, no improvement at all, JBoy’s blood test results seems the same (just a little changes, like 1 or 2 points). Until the Dr had done her part and decided to handover the case to Liver Specialist. The Dr suggested us to choose either to SG or KL but she recommended us a very good specialist Dr, that is in SG but looking through our financial situation that time, we just can’t afford SG money. To make it short… we really got piss off as we’d given 100% trust to the Dr, but in the end no improvement!. We were thinking the Dr should have advise us at least the 3rd reviews, what and how exactly is was, but she lead us till to the last minute (I mean, in Medical terms for prolonged jaundice, the baby should be operated at the age of 8 weeks and that time JBoy was exactly that age, how do you think we could decide an operation on the very last minute? It’s not easy man!). What I’m trying to say is, at least the Dr gave us an option to be referred to Liver Specialist at least the 7th weeks of JBoy’s age and at least another Dr could monitor JBoy before undergo an operation, who knows other Dr might have another plan that could skip an operation. However, we decided just to refer us to QEH. Hence, the Dr in Damai wrote a letter to QEH Surgeon (Pediatrics Surgical Specialist).

Nothing much we could do but we leave it all to GOD… then the next day we brought JBoy to QEH Pediatrics Surgeon and guess what? Our first impression was a little released though… the doctors and nurses are all calm, friendly and they never show’s that JBoy has a complicated case (compared to the Dr in Damai, impression’s was far different *sigh*), the QEH team said to me “Mama don’t worry, everything going to be alright” As to my big question, I’d asked the Surgeon to check JBoy’s liver is it really swollen? as per the Dr in Damai… guess what? The QEH Surgeon said “it’s normal and it’s a good sign that your baby stools (dark yellow) doesn’t seems to be a big problem, but we still need proceed with the operation” and ohhhh…. I’m became weak again when mentioning about an operation…aaarrrggghhh!!! Then JBoy was given an appointment for admission 3 days after and that is on 28th March 2005 (Monday) and operation on 30th March 2005 (Wednesday).

We was thinking that JBoy need to be baptise before the operation, but would the church accept the baptism? All churches are busy with GOOD FRIDAY preparation that time and day after are Saturday and Sunday???.... However, we just tried our luck to Stella Maris… and stay tune, will write about it in my next post… check it out!

Thanks GOD! that JBoy’s operation went all well. Thought that’s the only operation but again JBoy had undergone the 2nd operation on last November 2008 for another minor problem as posted earlier in one of my November 2008 posts and it went all well too! GOD IS GREAT!!!
Look at these… reminds us our scary moments…

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