Friday, September 12, 2008

2X2 MeMe : Tagged By Joyce G A

Two names you go by
1. Lea - my kampung name, normally used by my family members and kampung friends.
2. Rozie - used by in law's family members, in the office and friends.

Two things you are wearing right now
1. Clothes of course ;-)
2. New earrings

Two things you want very badly at the moment
1. Design "brochures" for important purpose
2. New handphone

Two things you did last night just before bed
1. Washing the clothes
2. Prepare my kids clothes for nursery

Two things you ate today
1. Mee Maggie for breakfast
2. Nasi Campur for lunch

Two people you just spoke with
1. Max, my hubby
2. Beatrice, my colleague

Two things you are doing tomorrow
1. Do sales report
2. Do sales plan for next week

Two longest car rides
1. A trip to Tawau (back in year 1995)
2. A trip to Poring Hot Spring (the last one was in 2001)

Two favourite beverages
1. Tenom Coffee
2. Nescafe 3 in 1

2+1 persons who are chosen to do this MeMe
Carol, Carolyn, Shirley


Carolyn said...

thanx zie, mau tag other ppl ni :-)

Rozz_Lea Rozie said...

Hi Lyn, tag yg blum dapat...hehe

Anonymous said...

Uinaa kena tagged plak sia nii bah i will do it later ..want to think who i want to tag lagi nii hehehe

Rozz_Lea Rozie said...

Hi Carol, bah palan2, banyak juga tu blogging friends d list ko tu, kasi fwd nopo sama sepa yg blum dapat...hehe