Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Did I mentioned about Virgin Coconut Oil in my previous post??? Hmmm... oh yes! I did. I believe everyone knows about the benefits of VCO. I came across about VCO reported in 'The Borneo Post' dated 24th August 2008, Addek, a kidney patient was helped and now looking healthy after consuming Virgin Coconut Oil. Yanto was bitten by a cobra snake, had applied the VCO quickly onto the part bitten and drank two spoonfuls of the oil even though snake-bitting was not included in the list that the oil is capable of treating. "I was lucky because the VCO saved my life and my life was not endangered at all by the snake's venom", said Yanto, adding that the miraculous oil has many other unknown usages.
On 31st Aug, morning, I'd received an SMS from my friend who is running the VCO business, she's having the Merdeka promotion for 3 days (31st Aug to 2nd Sept 2008) only, at RM38 per bottle (500ml), quite cheap compare to market price between RM55 - 60. Therefore, I forwarded the same SMS to all friends out there, who knows it might useful and helps who are in needs and guess what....??? on 31st Aug, I'd received 6 SMS for 10 bottles order, on 1st Sept, 5 SMS for 11 bottles and today so far 6 SMS and calls for 15 bottles... I was wow! with all the orders, until my friend asked me "are you sure with all the orders?" then I replied her, "nape, tak percaya?" hehe... So now, any order through blog? *grin*, hehe... Please take note that the price will be back to normal at RM40 per bottle from 3rd Sept onwards but again still cheap compare to market price anyway...

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