Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pastor Bob's Sermons

Have you heard about Pastor Bob's? Pastor Bob is one who has served in the ministry of Young Life and Youth Development Inc. In addition to his ministry at Horizon North County and his position as CEO of Horizon Prep and Preschool. Currently he serves on the Advisory Board for the Billy Graham School of Evangelism. God has given Pastor Bob the ability to teach His Word in a simple yet powerful way allowing listeners of all ages to easily learn and apply the principles of the Bible to their daily lives. I came across the 'Emerging Dangers of the Emergent Church' series archive, part one and two in the website. In this series, Pastor Bob Botsford exposes the flawed doctrine of the Emergent church leaders, calling them out by name, quoting their own words and comparing the weakness of their thoughts to the weightiness of the Word of God. Check out this jaw-dropping series to find out by clicking Emergent Church. You may also find out about 'I Want A Better Marriage' Sermon Series. Here's the fact, if your marriage is lacking you're not alone! The truth is, the marriages that have succeeded have not done so apart from lots of hard work. Do visit the marriage series by clicking I Want A Better Marriage to find our more. You will Find a Church in Rancho Santa Fe. Please visit the websites to find out more...

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