Friday, May 23, 2008

Lyssa's Museum Visit...

Yesterday morning, Lyssa get up very early from her usual time. The moment she woke up she straight away mentioned “Daddy please send me early to school today, I don't want to be late otherwise I'll be left out from our Museum visit” then Daddy said “Ok Song, Daddy will make sure you will arrive at your School before 8.00 am”.

Well, if I'm unable to prepare Lyssa's tapau (take away food) from home, usually after sending my Sons to the Nursery, we will drop by at Towering to get something for her to bring to School...especially “siew mai” (dim sum) it's her favourite. But this particular day, Lyssa insisted NOT to drop by anywhere and asked her Daddy to drive straight to the School...ohhh she is sooooo excited! She told us that the School will provide foods for them. However, she had her breakfast (milk and bread) from home.

When we arrived her school compound, oh dear...she even more excited seeing the 3 big buses (it's an old buses “Penampang Union” the green color one) parked around there...she said “wahh...there are our bus to Museum!” and the moment she went out from the car she ran to her class and left her Daddy behind with her School bag...

After Hubby came back to car, we actually talk about the old buses whether it's safe and all this things (you know what I old buses bah, we used to called it bus “Luen Thung” during our School days, imagine how long ago...) and while waiting for all the Students to be seated in the bus, one of the driver seems looking for something near to our car, then Hubby asked him;-

Hubby : What are looking for?
Driver : Looking for stones.
Hubby : (Wondering) for what?
Driver : To avoid the bus “go-stunt” (move backward) while parking at the museum later on (he actually wanted to put the stones under the bus tyre while on parking to avoid moving backward). I'm afraid that this bus might not enough power going up the Museum hill road. Out of 5 Penampang Union old buses these are the only 3 buses still in operation...

Wahhh...after the conversation, I can see Hubby's face turn to worries (and I know what's in his mind...hehe) and told me “I hope Lyssa will be going with either with that 2 buses but NOT the one with problem going up the Museum hill road.” So waited for all the Students seated in the bus...2 buses are full but we still hasn't seen Lyssa yet...ohhh man! again Hubby more worry...guess what?... Lyssa will be going with that particular bus with an old driver...I feel so funny looking at Hubby, he is so uncomfortable with it but I told him not to worry, everything will be alright!

In the afternoon, after Hubby fetched Lyssa from the School, Lyssa called me up and shared her excitements and happiness. She said “I saw many different kind of animals lah and bla...bla...bla..., teacher has given us foods and drink and bla... bla... bla...”. She also told me she is soooo tired and fell asleep in the bus on the way back to School...I know that Lyssa enjoyed so much with the Museum Visit...Finally!

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