Thursday, August 14, 2008

Am I Too Fast...

I'll be in the office for 2 weeks without sales visit since my colleague is on her long leave. Therefore, I'll be doing lots of paper works in the office. Well, that started yesterday and I only managed to do some office work for half day due to the office computer gone crazy, errmmm... the computer is quite old already and very slow... I don't know whats gone wrong, it's suddenly got stucked in the middle of doing the correspondance. Hmmm... am I typing too fast than the computer??? *sigh* As usual, I tried to switched off everything and switched on again, but it did not back to the normal screen, it only allowed me to the safe mode screen where only covered a minimal programme that I cannot print at all... arrggghhhh!!! It really tested my patience though. Worst come to worst I'd to called my colleague to informed about it, oh dear my colleague became worried on her holiday mood, she's afraid that it might caused data lost. And guess what she told me... "It never happen like this before, the computer never get stuck". Aiyoyooo... my turn became worried... is it because of me??? well, maybe...if I'm too fast typing than the slow computer...*grin* Anyway, I get the computer man to come and lucky he told me that the computer might infected long time already and that day wasn't a good day as it's up to the limit (virus datang menyerang bah...). However, the computer man need bring the computer back to his office to do necessary thing. I hope it will only take a day to recover the problem otherwise macam orang cacat pula saya di office tidak dapat buat kerja or do I need to do manual... by handwritting? oh no...!

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