Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Loosing Weight – What Works For YOU?

Wouldn't it be nice to get rid of those extra bulges and get a slender figure just by popping a pill or two? As easy as taking aspirin for a headache! Don't be too quick to rush for the nearest pharmacy when you see an ad for lose weight pills though. Very few lose weight pills have been proven to be in any way effective in the long term and many of them, instead of doing you a bit of good, could result in major health problems.

It never came across my mind to take lose weight pills as a short cut to loose weight. Eventhough, I’d the intention to try but never take it so far. I prefer to go on diet, just take right foods on a daily basis eat fruits, veggies, proteins, limited fats and starches, and drink lots of fluids.

However, there’s one time that my diet went wrong though, and that’s during the Chinese New Year 2 years ago. I’ve taken an overdose of Mandarin orange (well, I’m a Mandarin orange lover for your info… I can finish a box a day by myself *grin*). Then, I was fallen sick for a month and imagine during that time whatever I’d consumed, it will come out immediately, I was thought that I suffered of anorexia but guess its not, the Doctor examined it was food poisoning…

By the way, guess what? I lost 20kg in just a month and too bad that’s only within a short period. I think after 9 months, I gain 3kg, then gain 2kg, then gain 1kg and now… no comment *sigh* arrggghhhh…!!!!!

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