Monday, August 4, 2008


On 31st July was my 4th day staying in Sabah Hotel, that time was my FAM trip / Orientation. Well, I was attracted with the working environment, it looks peace and harmony. Everyone seems friendly and helpful. Ohhh dear... I've created an unexpected history on my 4th day in the office. Can you imagine that I'd broke one of my colleague Molly's chair....mannn! Am I that too heavy for staying a few days in Sandakan? errmmm... well, I've been eating for the past 3 days...*grin* ha! ha! ha! but couldn't be gain weight that badly... kuang kuang kuang!. They laugh at me till one of my colleague Aishah, laugh until seated on the floor... I'm so embarace (my face turn pink red I think). They keep talking about it whenever seeing me around... I just don't know how it was happened, but while I'm busy checking my Telekom seminar event order, we suddenly heard a cracked sounds and I felt the chair that I'm sitting 'tersenget' a bit. Oppsss... the chair must be cracked, we then checked, there you go, the plastic armed has broken... phew! time to go on diet again!!!!

Another thing happened on the same day (wahhh... 4th day not a good number eh...*sigh*). I was asked to move to a smaller room at the old wing (Borneo Wing). Oh no! the room has so much different, the bed is smaller (talking about the single bed size), no bathtub, the carpet look so old but well, it's a complimentary room anyway *wink*. However, the Borneo Wing rooms are going to be renovated and some of the rooms are under renovation and yet to be open for sell soon!

Right, if you have any plan for Sandakan... Sabah Hotel is the right place to stay. Let me know if you need further assistance with your accommadation, seminar or any function... cheers!

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