Thursday, August 14, 2008


Our office is under renovation since Saturday. This is due to the tenant at the ground floor are complaining about leakage where waters came out to their restaurant. It was believe that the problem is from the piping system of the above floors. Whatever it is, construction works got to be done. Therefore the office are so noisy when they do drilling, very annoying too, we can't even listen properly when people calling the office... too bad! One even worst thing, we can't use the washroom (we was told for 2 weeks)... aiyoooo, so troublesome lah. We need to go down to the coffee shop and be nice to the 'taukeh' or need to tapau food in order to be allows to use their washroom...*sigh* We hoping that the construction works will end soon, otherwise it's very uncomfortable for us in the office...

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