Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Nurses' Stories

Well, I’m not a Nurse but during my childhood I used to dream about to be a Doctor or Nurse. Why Nurse? Errmmm… that time my thought was being a Nurse is considered a Doctor. Being a Nurse I can help more patients who are in needs, the main thing is I can earn more money and so on… you know, that kind of child thinking the old days :D. As time goes by, as I’d observed few Nurses working environment… phew! It’s not an easy job man! It requires most of your patience, your time and the important is never give wrong information to the patients. Some says Nurses are Angels!. Most of my experiences with Nurses during my second child that need to go in and out to and from the Government Hospital was everything great!. However it is, of course there will be fun, joy and happiness in their working environment.

Just take your time to read some of these and you will know...

Assignment (By Kim Jordan RN)
I have nine patients, you are but one
I will walk five miles before I am done
Tip toeing in and out of the rooms
Darkened and quiet like silent tombs
I try not to wake you, for there is no time
When trying to divide eight hours by nine.

I Gave My First Injection Today (Sent in by
I gave my first injection today, now wait before you get bored and want to walk away, its been a long road to get where I'm at, 15 years to be precise now what do you think of that? This has been my life's dream to take care of the sick and work with a team of caring professionals with all the same goal of ridding aches and pains and doing work that's not in vain. So maybe now I have your attention so I can tell you my story and you possibly won't find it so boring I gave my first injection today and my patient didn't flinch she said she didn't feel a thing. What a wonderful compliment that she gave to me "a wonderful nurse you are going to be". I also passed meds and cleaned lots of wounds and held a lot of hands before I walked from the rooms. You wonder how can I be so happy in all this misery? You see I guess I see it different than the average Joe, before you think I am crazy just let me explain. If I can ease just one pain or dry just one eye or offer just one daughter some comfort when she finds out her mother has just died. I have accomplished my task and have been successful in my goals to have offered a hand when life has taken its tolls. See I have been truly blessed to have touched these lives and pray I never find it boring or bothersome to do the meaningless of task. Even when the most trying of patients call and ask. My goal is to answer every time with a smile and ask for forgiveness when I can't after I have gone mile after mile. Have I told you yet I gave my first injection today. I am a student nurse and for dedication I pray.

Nurse Sayings
Nurses call the shots.
Nurses are angels in disguise.
RN means real nice.
Nurses have lots of patients.
Nurses are I V leaguers.
Nurses can take the pressure.
Angels are nurses that have earned their wings.
A nurse has the touch of angel wings.
Nurses are patient people.

Patients Say The Funniest Things (Submitted by: Christine Pearson)
I work as a Diabetic specialist nurse. An elderly lady was in clinic, and I asked her if she could read the eye chart for me covering her left eye.

"I can' t dear," came her reply.
Okay cover your other eye and read the chart.
"I can't dear," was the reply again.
I thought for a moment. then asked if she could read.
"Oh yes dear" came the reply.
Well read the chart for me then.
"I can't dear," came the reply again.
By this time I was puzzled. So asked if she could see the chart.
"Oh yes dear," came the reply.
Feeling frustrated by this time, I asked why she could not read the chart.
The answer came "because I can't pronounce it!"

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