Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Best Of Suplado

Wow! the best of suplado... sounds so energetic right. I'm just wondering if the “suplado” is from the Kadazan/Dusun word means “chili soup”...phew!

Anyway, the best of suplado blog is about the latest, greatest and the best in the world records revolving around business and finance as well as the successful people behind it eligibility.

Also about suplado “With over a decade to boot as an Internet Café owner way back in mid 90s, Suplado is a forerunner of the Internet awareness in a once laidback town where he was born and raised. Suplado is fond of capturing moments either by camera, his PC and this shows in his photographs as well as in his blogs. He is “blogger” personified. This makes his webpage an item to keep coming back to. For whatever waking moment he has left for the day, everyday, Suplado enjoys being online. He finds insights in reading blogs where the thrill is in discovering what other people are thinking about all across the globe — what they are hoping for and dreaming of. Conversely, he finds fulfillment in doing the blogs himself.”

Click the best of suplado to find out more information. Happy reading!

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