Tuesday, July 15, 2008

They Was Here Visiting...

My cousin Nesia Morris from Tawau and residing in Belgium for a long time now, came and visited us in Kg Nosoob (at Grandma house) last Sunday after a long time didn't meet each other. I still remember the last time we met was during our childhood... that was very long ago. By the way, Nesia married to a Belgium, blessed with 2 sons Jeremiah (11) and Timothy (9). We're very happy to meet each other again, eventhough they just drop by awhile, visiting and to say goodbye as they are leaving for Tawau that Sunday with afternoon flight, for 3 weeks in Tawau and after that back to Belgium.

Guess what? I managed to mentioned about blogging to Nesia, and hey... she's blogging too but seldom updating her blog due to busy with work, she's teaching. But will check her blog from time to time. There we go... continue in touch through blogging anyway...*wink*

Meet them...

~Nesia and Hubby~

~and their sons Jeremiah and Timothy~

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