Thursday, July 24, 2008

My New Environment...

My new environment of work has started on Monday. As usual, on the very first day would be the observation, but I just cannot help myself in just observing the nature of this new environment but offered myself to do some works that I think I could do, hehe... otherwise I'll be very damn boring and feels outdated, hmmm... how to say ah... nah, nevermind lah let me figure it out, hopefully I get used to it soon. Oh hey! on the very 1st day also, I'd asked to go down to Sandakan for FAM trip and orientation... oh no! I'll be away again to Sandakan next week for a week... arrggghhhh!!! I thought NO MORE outstation for me after I left the previous company *sigh* I have to leave my lovely kids and hubby again, pity them...*sigh*
2nd day at work, I dont want to get bored anymore... what I did was, I gone through all the clients list (Government and Corporate), guess what? I knew most of the contact person... yes! at least I can start with courtesy call and so on (sempat mengumpat lagi bah, hehe...). Hmmm... 2nd day at work not so bad though, at least I could talk to someone. Oh well, I went and visited STPC and one Agent, hmmm... it was great!
3rd day at work, no comments, everything goes smoothly, hehe...*wink*
and today... so far so good!

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