Saturday, July 5, 2008

My New Prayer Book and Readings …

After sending my kids to the nursery and my hubby to work this morning, my mind suddenly pop out to drop by at Sacred Heart Christian Book Centre on the way back home. While on the way to Sacred Heart, I’ve already had something in mind to get “The Light” (Daily readings of the month of July 2008), Mother Mary and Jesus small statues (to be put on the table of my new office soon). Right, once I reached the Book Centre, I went round and round, finally got the things I want. Also got few additional prayer book and readings. Well, I had my daily prayer book but I just attracted to get a new one. Ok done! I spent RM26.00.

By the way, I was advised by the Sales Assistant to get the cross and the books bless by the Priest. So then, I went to the Sacred Heart Office, and ohhh… too bad I'd just missed Rev. Father John Raju as the Clerk told he just left. But hey… the moment I step out the from the office, I saw Rev. Father Cosmas Lee, I straight away approached him for the blessing… Thanks God!

Look what have I got here….

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