Friday, July 4, 2008


Another blog from Smorty Exchange Post... MeMyselfAndJC, a mom of two precious boys who likes bloggers out there to pick any of her post and tell her what do we think about it. Oh well, I like the post about “First Hot Summer Day” nice grilled barbeque chicken... yummy! makes me hungry looking at the picture and it's almost lunch time now... "Excited Yet Worried"... I even like this post, good one... *wink* infact I'll be the same too, doesn't want my other half to know what am I buying for myself if he will think that will waste $$$ later on...*grin* Well, thats how womens are...*wink*

But what do you think of this...?

NO FAULT IN WOMEN by Robert Herrick

No fault in women, to refuse
The offer which they most would chuse.
--No fault: in women, to confess
How tedious they are in their dress;
--No fault in women, to lay on
The tincture of vermilion;
And there to give the cheek a dye
Of white, where Nature doth deny.
--No fault in women, to make show
Of largeness, when they're nothing so;
When, true it is, the outside swells
With inward buckram, little else.
--No fault in women, though they be
But seldom from suspicion free;
--No fault in womankind at all,
If they but slip, and never fall.


shirley said...

wah wee... rozie.. u go girl.. speeding ko ni. Very good..keep it up!

Rozz_Lea Rozie said...

hehe... selagi ada masa teda lain teda bukan blogging lor... yea u go girl!

jccleofe said...

hi, thanks for the review...this is a fun post...I'll give you 5 star.

Rozz_Lea Rozie said...

Thanks JC. Happy blogging.