Thursday, July 3, 2008

Yummy Mummy

My first impression with blog was “oh no! how am I going to have daily ideas to post, whereby I'm the kind of person that always rushing and of course no time with all this”. Anyway, I've started my blogging in April 2008, whereby I signed up in February 2008 and so far I posted more than 100 post, wow! never thought of having that many post though...*wink*. I would write any post with random daily happenings... family, children, life, personal, friends, news, events, thoughts, poems, foods, cultures, nature, books, travel, writing. Sometimes as a blog writers we'll receive comments from other bloggers which is good.

By the way, while doing my blogging and networking I came across this blog Yummy Mummy, it's all “about herself, a new yummy mummy in town, all about her daily activities, what she crave for, her obsession as well as everything and anything about being a yummy mummy. Tips and tips plus for yummy daddies too!” Wow! that's interesting isn't it, so blogger out there have a look at yummy mummy's blog and she would appreciate your comment I guess...*wink*

I like those post about baby stuffs in yummuy mummy's blog such as; baby food storage, nappikleen vs tenderly detergent, bumbo baby seat, baby buds products, wholesome baby food and many more...

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