Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Avail Beauty...

I was a member of Avail Beauty 2 years ago, introduced by Madam Marina Koah, she is a staff nurse of the Government Clinic as well as the owner of Sabrina Day Care (my kids nursery). Marina is also a stokist of Avail Beauty products for Kota Kinabalu.

Well, I'd tried the FC Bio Sanitary Pad after gave birth to Haryboy and it was really good. But being inactive in doing sales and now my membership has been expired and I'd forgotten about it for a while till this morning my colleague Suzzane talked about it again as Avail does have some new products which are good for our health. At the same time Suzzane is promoting the Avail products as she has just signed up to be a member. But I can tell you no regret tho'

Here are some of the Avail products;

Soft Cottony Pantiliners
-Absorb non-menstruational discharge effectively, feel clean and fresh.
-Feel comfortable and gentle during non-menstruation period.


-Scientific research shows that Lisselife prevents and improves the following illnesses:

• Myocardial infarction
• Stroke
• Migraine
• High blood pressure
• Senile dementia
• Sexual dysfunction
• Renal Failure
• Poor vision due to retinal vessels thrombosis

Avail Pro-Polis
-Enhance your immune system, prevent infections and diseases.

Woman Lobata
-Beautifies Skin & Body Specially For Women Traditionally used for general health of women.

-Your better choice of nutritious organic food. Promote digestion, detoxification and supply our body with essential nutrients.

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