Wednesday, June 18, 2008

R U Getting The Opportunities Easily???


Most of you must be very familiar with SR, but how lucky are you getting the bid? I'm wondering if I bid in a wrong way, as I've bid quite few last week as well as this morning and it's still pending for approval, one rejected so far...*sigh*. What about you, how long does it takes to get the approval? Please shares your idea. I'm looking forward to post about those selected titles soon.


What about PPP? Well yea, lots of opportunities but none that suitable for me at the moment apart from the “I Signed Up For PPP” *sigh* I hope there'll be more opportunities that suitable for me soon. What about you bloggers out there? Are you getting more opportunities from PPP?

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And Smorty are the same too, no opportunities that suitable for me at the moment. I was lucky once, to post the fist opportunity offered. Would that be the first and the last? I'm still looking forward to grab more opportunities.


I'm not sure about BW. Everytime I logged in, it shows there are 2 opportunities for me... wow! how nice, but when I clicked on it, it wasn't suitable for me though... oh no! Then I realized that my posts not even reach up to requirements of at least 90 posts. Well, looking forward to grab more opportunities soon.

I've tried to signed up for SP as well, but due to IE in the office is still using the old version therefore my application didn't get through as they need the latest version to support the program, too bad... I'll try again once I get my new gadget at home then... *wink*


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I signed up last week but no approval yet. I'm sure the requirement is, you must have your own domain in order to get approval. Ermmm... I better get my own domain soon then, so that I can grab more opportunities *grin*!

Looking forward to more and more and more and more opportunities!!!


osindak said...

wah toh, so rajin u comment on each paid blog sites.. jarang2 sudah sia dapat opps nie.. kurang2 dii pendapatan.. hehe

Rozz_Lea Rozie said...

Idea suddenly came up bah tu Toh. Ya kan, kurang pendapatan ni... hehe

Carolyn said...

blum lagi ada yg 'menyangkut'? ehh better kali we get our own domain kan, same with me, blum ada yg berkenaan to gv me assgmnt

Rozz_Lea Rozie said...

Belum lagi ada ni Lyn, eveready suda sa ni mo buat assignment. :)

Anonymous said...

moi ..apart from ppp tuu nothing yg menyangkut nii ..hehe kin lemah semangat sia mau buat post tambah lagi bnyk kerja di office.

Rozz_Lea Rozie said...

Ya bah moi, so far baru 2 yg menyangkut (PPP & SMORTY) tu ja... harap2 very soon now...