Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Forward SMS ... Among Pinky's

I usually never bothered with any forward SMS, especially those nonsense one. But because of been receiving the same SMS among the Pinky, started from Sharon, then Karen, Laura and Anas, I myself doesn't want to be left out. Wahhh... so good meh the SMS till out of sudden everyone do their part. Anyway, since I've received the SMS from four of the Pinky and without waiting for Ann, I forward the same SMS to all of them (don't want to be the last person to forward bah...*wink* hahahaa..)

Here the SMS concerned...
I know a woman who's funny & caring, as sweet as a baby & a great mate & she's reading this message right now! Send this to the girls you'll never forget, including me if you don't send this to anyone it means you're in a hurry and have forgotten all about your friends! If u get 6 back you're trully loved.

Only Ann send a different SMS reply, here you go...
You're always the first person in my mind I remember when I need someone to talk to, will never forget our friendship. Love from me

Such a nice SMS and ohhh yea, Pinky friendship will last forever!!! hugs & kisses.

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