Monday, June 9, 2008

Kg Tanaki Main Road...Flooded

Last Saturday hubby drove MIL's car to my parents house (MIL went back to Keningau attending family member's wedding). As usual I'll do “wifes” job task there, such as cooking, cleaning the house, looking after my Trio as well accompanying my niece and nephew.

Alright, done with everything...suddenly around 2.00 pm it's quite heavy rain for an hour though. Then, hubby received a call from MIL informing that it's going to flood in Tanaki. Hubby immediately drive back home to see the situation. About an hour later hubby came back at my Parent's house and told us the road is still ok, cars still can passed through. Oh alright, so I said to hubby “we better go back home earlier otherwise if it's get flood we can't pass by and Aaron (BIL) will alone there...pity him”.

So at 7.30 pm, we are about to leave, but before that hubby called Aaron to clarify if cars still can pass through the road? And ohhh no...! Aaron told hubby that it's flooded around our house compound as well as the Tanaki main road. We end up stays at my Parent's house while waiting a “green info” from Aaron.

Anyway, at 9.30 pm we just try our luck to go back home hoping that the road is ok by then and without calling Aaron, he might asleep at that time. And guest what...? it's flooding still *sigh*... the water level up to 1.5 feet deep, can't do anything, then back to my Parent's house again.

Hubby seems so worry thinking of Aaron alone at home (he must be thinking “who will be helping Aaron to take the things out from the store if the flood become worst”). So, around 11.40 pm, hubby asked me to send him to Tanaki junction and decided to walked through the flood to get home. The time he called me informing he has arrived home it's already 12.30 am... ohhh dear he takes almost an hour walking through the flood...pity him.

We extremely hope that the Tanaki main road can be improvise soonest as this is not the first time floods happened in Tanaki. We even experienced floods which water level up to 6 feet deep (around our house compound). *SIGH SIGH SIGH*

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