Friday, June 20, 2008

Debit Card (Visa / Master)

Do you have any problem in applying for Debit Card???

There are 2 types of Debit Card, it's either a combined card (Debit and ATM Card – 2 in 1) or just a Debit Card itself. Anyway, I'd changed my Maybank ATM Card to a combined one and applied for a Master Debit Card through AmBank. What happened yesterday was, I went to AmBank ATM as well as the Deposit Machine to change my pin number and to top up my credit amount, in order to activate the account for online transaction purpose as advised by the Bank. However, due to the AmBank ATM gone something wrong somewhere which I don't know what, and there my Debit Card got retained. Phew!!! I got pissed off. Then, I complaint to the officer that my Debit Card got retained inside the ATM and I want it back immediately. Guess what she answered me??? very simple and unacceptable I should say... she said “All the Machines are handled by the outsource, not directly by the Bank. Once the Debit Card retained it will be automatically canceled. You need to re-apply to get a new one” Meaning to say that my RM30 in getting the Debit Card earlier on is easily GONE. Hmmm... no point arguing, I just said “No thanks, I better get it from other Bank”.

Errmmm... looking forward to apply a Debit Card, any suggestion which bank offers ONLY Debit Card itself (I don't need the combined one)? You know what I mean??? for online transaction purpose... hehe *wink*

What about Public Bank Debit Card???

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