Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I supposed to go and see the Doctor on Monday (02/06) but a little bit lazy, feels weak and the only thing in my mind is my bed… yea, I need to lay down and relax that time.

So only today, since my back pain getting worst, I went and see the Doctor. After the examination, Dr Amrik advised me not to go for any massage otherwise I will spoil my back born/vain, ewww... sounds scarry pula. I was given a day sick leave. Then I went to my parents house and rest. While resting I came across these picture on my handphone…

Look at Jboy sooo... greedy! During this time is about yogurt... JBoy finished his yogurt, that is his brother Haryboy’s one. He told Haryboy “Dik you cannot eat so much of this, not good otherwise you will have stomach ache” that’s how JBoy convinced Haryboy to get the yogurt…. how could you JBoy!!!

Among the three… JBoy had a very good eating appetite. He can eat anything but lately I noticed he doesn’t eat veggies though… Unless my nephew Brady will always there to make up story like “JBoy you must eat a lot of veggies so that you can be strong as strong as spiderman” then only JBoy will eat veggies, hehe...

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