Thursday, June 5, 2008

Petrol and Diesel Prices Gone Up

Last night my Aunty called at around 7.30 pm informing us everywhere is jammed due to people rush for fuel… I was wondering why people need to rush for fuel that night as they can fill up their car petrol anytime tomorrow anyway. Then my Aunty told us that Petrol and Diesel prices will goes up at midnight. Errmmm... did I missed anything??? how come the last information I had is the fuel prices will only increase in August...?*&^%#@?. Anyway, I was lucky that on the way to fetch Hubby from work yesterday evening, I actually filled up my car petrol without knowing fuel prices will goes up that midnight and and yea... without going into the long que and jammed last night *wink*

Phewww… looking at the price increase, Petrol gone up by RM0.78 per litre (new price will be RM2.70 per litre) and Diesel gone up by RM1.00 per litre (new price will be RM2.58 per litre), the highest increase in these fuel prices ever.

Look at the long que in Penampang bypass road and the junction to Kg Hungab. Pictures taken on our way back home last night.

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