Thursday, June 5, 2008

Grandma Magic Massage…

I wanted to go for body massage yesterday but was advised by Dr Amrik not to go for any massage. But my Grandma offered to massage on me, and I told her it’s not advisable by Dr Amrik. Then she said just a light massage, she actually pity looking at the way I walked (macam orang baru beranak). She again said, just try first who knows something to do with your womb (mana tau rahim/peranakan mirng dia bilang, adeiii… I don’t know the right words… guess you know what I mean bah kan hehe…)

Well… ok, I just try and see how it goes.

And wow! It’s such a magic massage by my Grandma though, it’s only a 35 minutes massage on my tummy and my back and mind you... I can walk as normal, I can kneel and bend down, I can twist my waist, where I cannot do these for the past few days…

Yayyy! I’m now fully recovered from all the pain. My accountable thanks to my Grandma for her magic massage ever… muahhh!!!

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