Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Rumours Untrue...

I only arrived home around 7.20 pm yesterday due to the massive jammed. While on the way home, I've been in touched with my Aunty Elsie asking if she has picked up my kids from the nursery, she told me that she got stucked in Donggongon road near to Petronas station and that is actually near to the nursery. However, they arrived home 10 minutes after us.

Then, again I asked Hubby to go and get the car petrol fill up, but just before he left we received an SMS below;-

-The Star-
Officials from Shell Malaysia and Sabah Petroleum Dealers Association stressed that there is no truth to the rumours of petrol kiosks closing for 3 days.

Phewww!!! what a rumours huh...

Well, we only filled up our car petrol this morning at 7.15 am at the Petronas Kiosk and it's WIDE OPEN and WITHOUT JAMMED at all!

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